My Sister’s New Book!

Four years ago, we were holidaying overseas and enjoying the tropical life – swimming, eating super delicious mangoes, boating in our swimwear, getting sun-burnt, etc.


When it was time to come back home to Australia, my nephews were excited to go back to school and see their friends.  But something went wrong and no matter how much we tried to fix the problem, it just didn’t give us the result we wanted. Scared but desperate, my sister decided to homeschool my second nephew.

So the homeschooling journey of my sister’s family began. Of course, it wasn’t easy at the start. But with much researching and determination, they endured…and discovered…and had loads of fun along the way!  Four years later, each of my nephews have written and published a book, and won several medals at the World Education Games last year. They know how to do house chores better than some university students, they get along very well (while other families with little boys can barely get through a week without someone punching somebody), and they beat me in Mathletics. Me, who used to excel in Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus while in high school/university.

To tell many curious people of their homeschooling journey, my sister finally published her book – Our Homeschooling Journey (in Victoria, Australia). And because I’m her beloved little sis, she sent me a free signed copy. Hurray!

 If ever you have thought of homeschooling your kids and if you are a bit scared of starting, grab your copy of this book at Amazon now. With all the crazy and scary things that’s going on in schools today, homeschooling is an option really worth considering.  I hope that my sister’s experience, as shared in this book, will give you the knowledge and courage to take the leap.


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