Bridal Shower Games

Setting up a bridal shower? Make it more enjoyable and interactive with these ten most popular bridal shower games. Young or old, everyone will surely have fun.

“What’s in Your Purse?” from

Make groups of three to four people depending on how many guests you have. Have each participant empty his purse and go down the checklist. The more items they have, the higher points they get. The group that has the highest points wins.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge from

This is a funny game. You may divide the group into teams. Provide lots of toilet paper rolls. The goal of the game is to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Allow ten minutes for the participants to create their dream toilet paper wedding gown. Once the time is up, the bride will then pick her favourite toilet paper wedding dress.

Cotton Ball Game from

Provide 2 empty bowls, 2 bowls filled with cotton balls and a scoop for each participant. You may want to divide the guests into two groups. Have each person blindfolded. For 30 seconds, they need to scoop as much cotton balls as they can from the bowl on their lap to the bowl on their head. The one who has the most number of cotton balls on their head is winner. It’ funny to see they scoop a lot of air most of the time.

Wordless Wedding from

This game can be played all throughout the party. As the guests arrive, give them a plastic ring to wear. Then instruct them not to say the forbidden word until the end of the shower. The word can be the bride’s name or the groom’s name or anything. Whoever catches them saying the forbidden word will steal their ring. The one who has the most number of rings at the end of the shower will be the winner. It’s a lot of fun!

Take a Yarn from

Prepare a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors at the entrance. As the visitors arrive, have them a cut a string of yarn at their desired length. As an icebreaker, you let each guest introduce himself as you tie his yarn on his finger. The longer yarn they have cut, the more things they need to share about themselves. It’s a great way to know your guests and have fun at the same time.

“He Said, She Said” by Homemade Shenanigans

You can have this game printed and distribute to every guest with a pen. It’s like a true or false quiz about the bride and groom. Just encircle the lips if your answer is the bride and the mustache if it’s the groom. The one who will get the highest score is the winner.

Who Said It from

Prepare a set of questions and before the party begins, interview the bride and groom-to-be with these questions (separately if you don’t want to omit the fun). List down their responses. Prepare the lip and mustache stick figures (anticipate how many guests will join). If you’re ready to start the game, read aloud the response of either the bride or groom and have the guests guess who have said it. They will raise the lip stick figure if they answer “Bride” and mustache figure for “groom”. You may scramble their responses to add some difficulty. Anyone who answered incorrect will be eliminated. The last one left will be the winner.

How Old is the Bride from

Prepare a dozen of bride’s photos at different ages. Exhibit them at a table and have them write down their guesses. The one who has the most number of correct guesses wins.


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