Conserving Water In The Toilet & Bath

It may seem to be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but there are so many ways you can save money inside the toilet and bath room. The prime factor here is that this is where you use a lot of water, so by doing common tasks wisely, you can reduce the water bills, conserve water (Mother Earth will love you!) and add a little more cash to your more important investments. Also, you can be smart in the use of toiletries and cleaning items.

Here are what you can do:

Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. Yes, that couple of minutes between wetting your toothpaste on the toothbrush and rinsing your toothbrush after it has done it’s job inside your mouth. Say you close the faucet for one minute. In a month, you have saved half an hour of precious unused water flowing down the drain.

Invest in dual flush toilet systems. This is the type that allows you to use half the water in the water closet or the whole volume of water, depending on how much you think you need. Then you can save a few liters of water everyday just with the flushing.

Pee in the shower. Seriously, think about it. When your schedule is to pee, then shower, first thing in the morning, instead of using the throne and a closet full of water to flush it, why not do it as you shower? You’ll save around thirty times the volume your water closet holds in a month.

Use one of those water saving shower heads. You can save more or less 10 liters per minute just by this alone. So a ten minute shower can save you a whooping 100 liters of water!

Use an old stocking to store the tiny remains of each bath soap. When your bath soap has become too small to be comfortably used when you’re in the shower, sometimes they lay forgotten on the soap dish, while a new one steals the scene. Or, they can also end up on the floor, gradually being washed away into oblivion by the water from your shower. By accumulating the little ones into the stocking, you can still use them until they’re gone from using. Plus, being inside the stocking can keep them together.

Keep a bucket in the bathroom. Collect any unused water in it so you can use it again. Take for example, in cold months, when a hot shower is preferred, hot water doesn’t come out of the shower head right away, but a few liters of cold water. Keep this unwanted cold water in the bucket and use it to rinse the walls of the shower stall, or flush the toilet.

Clean while you are in the shower. The walls and floor would already be wet, so you can grab the opportunity, add soap to the tiles and start brushing. Then, while rinsing yourself, whisk the water to the walls so that you rinse yourself and the tiles in one go.


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