How Comfortable Are Your Pajamas?

Pajamas are really supposed to be very comfortable. They help you get more relaxed, especially when you’re off to dreamland. And we, humans, are not the only ones who deserve a good night’s rest.

According to little tykes, Barbie needs comfortable pajamas too. Yup, good ol’ Barbie doll, that creature who has been around for fifty years or so, but has successfully preserved her wrinkle-free youthfulness. It is therefore just right that Barbie should benefit from my collection of fabric scraps too, so those little pieces of fabric can have one more chance in life, before going to the bin.

And here she is, proudly posing with her new set of pajamas.

And guess what? She’d like to demonstrate just how comfortable those pj’s are!




Well, thanks, Barbie. That was probably tiring, and I believe, she agrees.

I suppose it’s off to bed then.

What? You want a bed time story?


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